Un Dia A La Vez


Just thought I’d let you all know that I met all 4 of them (and other members from the House of Dark Shadows)  and got their autographs when I went to see the Dark Shawdows premiere in Hollywood oh and I also met Daniel Roebuck and got an autograph. (:

This Summer I Want To….

1. Lose Weight

2. Go to the Beach. Huntington Beach of course!

3. Definitely hit up a baseball game.

4. Get tattooed

5. Go to Sixflags (still not gonna go on SUPERMAN)

6. Drink on the Strip in Vegas

7. Have a bonfire at the Beach

8. Go riding

9. Go to Venice Beach (yes I know I still have never been there)

10. Go to Santa Monica (same ^^)

11. Get my belly button pierced

12. To be continued…….

After a long stressfull 17 units, I am finally done with this semester! After taking my English final, I thought i’d treat myself to some Starbucks. After ordering my Venti Sweetened Passion Iced Tea, I heard ” Is that Lorena?” I turn around and who do I see? Mr. Stewart AKA SugarTits ( thats a long story lol) my old High School English Teacher. I was very happy to see him; I gave him a big hug! I must say that hes startin to look a little bit old  lol and hes sportin a new look with his hair. Its long! ha. Anywho we had talked for a bit how my life was going, family, and school, and of course he was very proud to hear that I was still going. We got our drinks, said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways. I sat in the car thinking ” Man I wished I would have thanked him for always being there for me in High School and motivating me to go to college”. I can honestly say that Mr. Stewart was one of the biggest reasons why I went to college and I am very glad I did or else I’d still be stuck working at some fast food restaurant and hating my life! He left me with some good advice and a huge smile on my face. Seeing Sugar Tits was definitely a good way to end my Spring Semester and start my summer vacation (:


Humor Chic goes Simpsons featuring fashion industry icons: Anna Wintour [US Vogue Editor-in-Chief],  Grace Coddington [Creative Director of US Vogue], Karl Lagerfeld [Notably the Creative Director of Chanel], Alber Elbaz [Creative Director of Lanvin], Marc Jacobs [Creative Director of Louis Vuitton and own labels], Coco Chanel [Legendary Fashion Icon], Suzy Menkes [Editor for the International Herald Tribune and Fashion Reporter], Hilary Alexander [Fashion Director of The Daily Telegraph], and Iris Apfel [Fashion Icon and Businesswoman].

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Tim Burton should just make a movie called ‘Johnny Depp’.

plot twist: Johnny Depp is played by Helena Bonham Carter

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